Best TIG Welder for Aluminum 2023 | Ultimate Buying Guide

If you are looking for the best tig welder for aluminum then you have come to the right place! This blog post will help you find the perfect welding machine that is tailored specifically to meet your needs. From budget-friendly machines to high-end models, this article has it all. As an avid welder myself I know what’s important and how important it is to make sure your equipment meets all of your needs. So without further ado, let’s get started!

The first thing I want to say before continuing on with this list is that if you don’t know what type of material (steel or aluminum) you’ll be welding; then do yourself a favor and buy one that can weld both steel AND aluminum because otherwise, you’re going to have an extra machine just taking up space and not being utilized.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s move on to the list!


ImageTIG WeldersFeaturesRatingsPrice
Lincoln Electric Square Wave TIG 200Weight ‎46.2 pounds
Voltage ‎220 Volts
Wattage ‎44000 watts
Dimensions ‎14.09 x 11.1 x 19.76 inches
Lincoln Electric
Precision TIG 225
Dimensions 20.7 in x 14.5 in x 25.6 in
Weight 192 lbs
Input Voltage 460/575
Input Hertz 60
Thermal Arc 201TS InverterInverter Power Source 17V
Torch w/12.5 ft
Argon Regulator 200amp
Miller Electric Maxstar 161 STL120 to 480VAC,50/60 Hz
Thickness 11 inches
Weight 3.50 pounds
Material Aluminium
Everlast PowerTIG 210EXTWeight 60 pounds
Dimensions ‎24 x 9 x 17
Material ‎Stainless Steel
Power Source ‎Ac/dc/
Voltage ‎240 Volts/
Amp Capacity 210 Amps
Eastwood TIG 200 AmpWeight ‎60 pounds
Dimensions ‎18.5 x 8.5 x 13
AHP AlphaTIG 200XWeight ‎69 pounds
Dimensions ‎19 x 23 x 12 inches
Material ‎Stainless Steel
Power Source ‎Ac
Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD Manufacturer Weldpro
Weight ‎53.3 pounds
Style ‎CK torch-2020
Material ‎Steel
Power Source ‎AC/DC Pulse
Weldpro 200 AmpWeight ‎30.4 pounds
Dimensions ‎17.72 x 8.66 x 14.96 inches
Material ‎Metal
Voltage ‎230 Volts
Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIGWeight ‎57 pounds
Dimensions ‎19 x 11 x 13
Material ‎Steel, Stainless Steel & Aluminum
LOTOS MIG175 175AMPWelding Types MIG (GMAW)
Output AMPs Maximum 175 A
Input Voltage 220 V
Spool Gun Included
LOTOS TIG200ACDC 200AWelding Types TIG
Welding Capacity 3/8"
Welding Output DC Only
Input Voltage 110/220 V Dual Voltage
MTS-205 205 AmpWeight ‎27 pounds
Dimensions ‎18 x 9 x 14 inches
Material ‎Metal
Style ‎MIG TIG
Power Source ‎AC 100-250V/50-60Hz
Lotos CT520D 50 AMPWeight 33.1 pounds
Material steel
Size ½ Inch Clean Cut
Style 50Amp Air Plasma Cutter
PowerArc 140ST 40 AmpWeight ‎24.8 pounds
Dimensions ‎20 x 12.5 x 13.5 inches
Power Source ‎AC
Voltage ‎240 Volts
Installation Method ‎Tig-welding
PrimeWeld 3-in-1 50 AmpMaterial Steel
Dimensions: 23.6 x 16.8 x 12.8 inches
Duty Cycle : 60% – 200A @ 220V
Input Voltage : 110V -220V
YESWELDER TIG-205DSWeight ‎35 pounds
Dimensions ‎19.4 x 16.5 x 12.7
Style ‎TIG-250P ACDC
Material ‎Metal


Best TIG Welder for Aluminum

Tig welding aluminum is a great thing to have in your garage. It’s easy to learn and can be used on light or heavy gauge metals. The best TIG welder for aluminum you use will depend on the thickness of the metal you want to weld together, as well as what other projects you wish to undertake with it. Keep reading below for more information!


1.  Lincoln Electric Square Wave TIG 200 – Best TIG for the Money

Dimensions (H x W x D) 14 in x 10.75 in x 19.25 in (358 mm x 282 mm x 502 mm) Net Weight 46.5 lbs (21.092 kg) Max Rating 200 Input Voltage 120/230 Input Phase 1 Polarity AC/DC

The Square Wave TIG 200 machine is a traditional tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding system that features a time-tested square wave inverter power source, or more simply, an inverter drive. It is suitable for welding thin to medium thickness metals and engineered tig welder for aluminum



The Square Wave TIG 200 AC/DC machine is part of Lincoln Electric’s product line that was first introduced in the mid-1970s, and today it remains a favorite tool among professional welders.

Of course, there has been an evolution over the years to include improvements such as greater welding speeds and higher starting currents. But its basic design has remained unchanged; the Square Wave’s linear power control delivers precise welding current in response to changes in wire feed speed, which is helpful for arc stability.

The Square Wave TIG 200 AC/DC machine can be used with either a stick or TIG torch and offers DC electrode negative (DCEN) and DC electrode positive (DCEP) welding. A pulse function is also available for materials that are sensitive to lower amperage TIG welds, requiring a short burst of high amperage to penetrate the base metal.

Other Specs:

A new feature on the Square Wave TIG 200 AC/DC machine is its “DCEP Lift Arc” capability, which allows for faster starts and reduces the amount of spatter on low carbon steel by as much as 50%.

Additionally, a new “Touch Start” capability is available for stick welding. When set to pulse switch (PS), this feature provides a smooth and stable arc with reduced noise and spatter when compared with standard square wave technology.

The Square Wave TIG 200 AC/DC machine is ideal for a variety of applications, including fabrication and repair. It’s also a great choice to weld aluminum materials up to 3/16-inch thickness with 5356 rods or 1/8″ thick 6010 electrodes.



  • Advanced features Yet easy to use
  • A great TIG machine for aluminum
  • TIG and stick from one power source
  • Take it Everywhere, Plugin Anywhere.
  • 110 and 220v makes it extremely portable
  • Great arc starts
  • No overheated issue
  • Easy to useand set up
  • Expensive


2.  Lincoln Electric Precision TIG 225

Dimensions (H x W x D) 20.7 in x 14.5 in x 25.6 in (526 mm x 368 mm x 650 mm) Net Weight 192 lbs (87.091 kg) Max Rating 230 Input Voltage 460/575 Input Hertz 60 Input Phase 1 Output Range 5-230A Max OCV: 75V Polarity AC/DC

A unique inverter-based AC/DC stick & Tig welding system with the power to weld up to 1/8 inch thick aluminum. What they don’t tell you: This transformer tig welder offers one of the best duty cycles on the market today, with a full 90% duty cycle at 225 tig welder for aluminum


In addition, this machine also offers an impressive spatter rate of only 4%, which is another unique feature that helps to make superior aluminum welds.

The downsides to this machine are that it weighs in at almost 100 pounds and it lacks any type of argon gas solenoid. So if you want to use a different gas then you will need to attach your torch yourself every time, which isn’t too bad of an inconvenience.



  • Easy-to-use operator interface – select mode, polarity and weld
  • AC Auto-Balance® automatically adjusts for the optimal mix of cleaning and penetration when welding aluminum
  • Enable the TIG pulser to minimize material distortion from excessive heat input
  • Offers outstanding stick welding capabilities with up to 5/32 in. (4.0 mm) electrodes
  • Experience enhanced starting, optimal arc stability, and accomplish more precise welds with our patented Micro-Start™ II Technology


  • Powerful
  • Foot pedal is awesome and sturdy
  • long lasting
  • Excellent quality torch, regulator and foot control unit
  •  No corn


3.  Thermal Arc 201TS Inverter

Inverter Power Source, 17 V Style Tig Torch w/12.5 ft Adapter Plug from 230 V 50 Amp to 115 V 15amp Circuits Overall Height: 9″ Welded Material: Mild Steel, Stainless Steel Input Voltage: 115/230VAC Polarity: DC Rated Output: 160A

Company’s Description: Thermal Arc VS TIG Welder is a DC Inverter welder, which can be used for both AC and DC applications. The inverter-based design provides incredible welding control due to its high degree of accuracy and thermal overload tig welder for aluminum


What they don’t tell you: This jumbo-sized inverter tig welder provides all of the power you need to make superior aluminum welds. With a duty cycle of 70% at 200 amps, this machine provides more than enough power for most needs. It also offers a 4-position digital ammeter and a 50% duty cycle that allows for all-day-long welding without overheating.

The downsides to this machine are that it’s somewhat on the heavy side, clocking in at around 82 pounds, and it also lacks any type of argon gas solenoid. So if you want to use a different gas then you will need to attach your torch yourself every time, which can be inconvenient.



  • SmartLink technology – Automatically adapts to 110v or 240v supply
  • Over Voltage Protection – “The Greener Option” offers a higher output while reducing input power consumption
  • Lift start TIG – Provides TIG arc starting without the use of high frequency
  • HF Arc starting – Provides non-contact arc starting, eliminates tungsten or material contamination
  • Trigger control – 2T (Normal) for short weld runs and 4T (Latch) for long weld runs
  • Adjustable arc control
  • Thermal overload protection with indicator
  • Adjustable down slope control
  • 35-50 DINSE sockets
  • 2-year warranty


  • Super easy to use
  • Can do many different types of welding
  •  No option for dual gas


4. Miller Electric TIG Welder, Maxstar 161 STL

Material Thickness Steel 0.020 in. (0.5 mm) – 3/16 in. (4.8 mm) Weldable Metals Stainless Steel, Steel Input Voltage 110/115/120 V 220/230/240 V Input Phase 1-Phase Input Hz 50/60 Hz Current Type DC Max Open Circuit Voltage 48 VDC Amperage Min 5 A Amperage Max 160 A Portability Handle(s) Strap

The Millermatic 161 Auto-Set is the best TIG welder for aluminum that you can find within the price range of $500-$700. You can control AC/DC balance, which is essential for both steel welding and aluminum welding. best tig welder for aluminum


I have used many welders in my life but this is one of the impressive ones I have seen. It also comes with a spool gun, which you can use to weld aluminum with. The Millermatic 161 is a versatile machine that will allow you to do all types of welding tasks, however, this would not be my first suggestion for an entry-level welder as it’s quite pricey and has a 30% duty cycle. This TIG welder is for mild steel welding, aluminum welding and other types of metal.



  • Use on 120 AND 240 Volt Input Power.
  • Compact Design Allows for Great Portability.
  • Low Power Draw.
  • Easy-to-Use.
  • 6010 Stick Electrode Capability.
  • No Need For A Gas Valve On Your TIG Torch.


  • Dual voltage
  • High-frequency TIG start
  • Easy to use
  • AC only


5.  Everlast PowerTIG 210EXT – Best for Beginners

IGBT Type: Module IGBT Inverter Type: Digital/Micro-controlled Output Type: AC/DC TIG, DC Stick Voltage/phase: DUAL VOLTAGE 120/240 1 PHASE Max Rated TIG Amps: 210 A Max Rated Stick Amps: 160A

The Everlast PowerTIG 210EXT is a portable power supply that uses the TIG welding process. It is robust and can carry out various tasks such as fabrication, installation, and maintenance of pipelines, oil rigs, heavy construction equipment, and other non-structural metal works.

Everlast PowerTIG 210EXT


The Everlast PowerTIG 210EXT is a professional TIG power source that can be used with the Everlast Tigro 170 welding torch. It provides smooth operation using advanced inverter technology, making it suitable for both professional welders and hobbyists alike. The unit also features an AC frequency of 50 Hz or 60 Hz depending on where you will use it and comes with a US plug.

The Everlast PowerTIG 210EXT offers several modes of operation: DC TIG welding mode, MMA mode, AC arc start mode for stick electrodes, AC pulse mode to protect the electrode, and MMA/DC TIG torch setting. A standard 3-pin XLR cable connects the torch to the power source. It has a welding output of 210 A at 30% duty cycle and 100% duty cycle when in pulse arc start mode, which is suitable for most home works and repairs.



  • Microprocessor control offers precise management of welding parameters and functions.
  • Portable and Lightweight designs offer a rugged exterior and a flip-down visor to protect the panel from sparks and damage.
  • Offers standard type pulse feature for AC and DC, and a special Advanced Pulse for AC for welding thin material, increasing travel speed and reducing warping.
  • Can be used with an optional finger amp control torch.
  • Waveform control offers 3 types of waveform for AC welding: Triangular Wave, Advanced Square Wave, and Soft Square Wave.
  • Programmable Memory allows users to save parameters for up to 9 different programs.
  • HF or Lift Arc capability in AC or DC modes.
  • Offers programmable Stick functions which include hot start time, hot start intensity and arc force control.


  • Flowchart style menu really helpful
  • Foot pedal, stick stinger, ground clamp
  • Easy to set up
  •  Easy functionality due to digital control
  • Comes with one torch only


6. Eastwood TIG 200

Input Voltage: Single-Phase 120vAC or 240vAC @ 50-60Hz Power Cord Receptacle Plug: NEMA 6-50P Input Current TIG: 240v: 23.8 amps | 120v: 20.0 amps Input Current Stick: 240v: 36.2 amps | 120v: 19.2 amps Output Current Adjustment TIG: 240v: 10-190 amps |. 120v: 10-145 amps Output Current Adjustment Stick: 240v: 10-185 amps |. 120v: 10-140 amps Input Voltage TIG: 240v: 10.4v – 17.6v | 120v: 10.4v – 15.8v Input Voltage Stick: 240v: 20.4v – 27.4v | 120v: 20.4v – 25.6v Starting Methoda: High Frequency Cooling Method: Fan Overall Dimensions: 17.8” x 8.4” x 20.20” Weight: 38 lbs.

The Eastwood TIG 200 is a type of tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding that is designed for use on steel. The main characteristics of this type of welding are the low heat input and the thin rod tig welder for aluminum


The Eastwood TIG 200 has a simple trigger switch, two-step process, no gas shield gas, and wire feed only. It has a maximum amperage of 160 amps and an overall package size of 11.4 x 14 x 5 inches. Its weight is around 4 pounds. The electrode diameter is .023, its wire feed speed is about 18 to 24 inches per minute, and the duty cycle is 30%. It carries a warranty of 2 years covering defective materials, workmanship and normal wear.


This welder is lightweight, has low heat input, no gas shield required; it’s good for any light to medium duty welding, but will not weld through rust or mill scale. Although wire feed only makes this machine much easier to use than machines like the Lincoln Tig 200, it also limits what you can do with it. This machine is ideal for TIG welding thin metals up to 16 gauge steel.

The Eastwood TIG 200 has a simple trigger switch with no foot pedal or hot start capabilities. A beginner could use the Eastwood TIG 200, but this machine would be more recommended for someone who is used to TIG welding or has prior experience in the field.

The machine’s best applications are with thin metals, repairs, fabricating, and automotive work where you are looking for a clean quality weld. The Eastwood TIG 200 isn’t suitable for heavy-duty uses like structural welding or large pieces of metal that require more heat, but for beginner welding, this machine will get the job done.



  • Operates on either 110vAC, 15-amp circuit or 220vAC, 30-amp circuit.
  • 1/4″-thick welding capacity on 220VAC.
  • High-frequency start for precise arc control.
  • Square-wave inverter for accurate aluminum welding.
  • Flex Head WP-17-type torch accepts common cups and collets with up to 1/8″ electrodes.
  • Gas lens kit will greatly improve your fabrication skills.
  • Rocker Style foot pedal with machine-mounted controls to improve your precision.
  • Flow Meter Gauge for improved gas flow control with quick, repeatable flow adjustment.
  • TIG Welding AC Duty Cycle (%): 120VAC 60% at 145 amps, 220VAC 60% at 190 amps)
  • Stick Welding Feature – welds in AC and DC Positive/Negative.
  • Includes long torch and ground cables so you can easily move around your project.
    Power Cord is 6′ in length.


  • Excellent quality for the money
  • Light and portable
  • Square wave, inverter-based design
  • Good duty cycle
  • High frequency starts
  • Argon gas only


7.  AlphaTIG 200X 200 Amp tig welder

Item Weight ‎69 pounds Product Dimensions ‎19 x 23 x 12 inches Material ‎Stainless Steel Power Source ‎Ac Height: 22 in. Length: 20 in. Width: 9 in. Duty Cycle: 60% @ 200A (TIG), 35% @ 155A (Stick) Input Voltage: 110/220 V. Process Type: Stick, TIG.

The AlphaTIG 200X offers a robust tig welding interface. It features an intuitive function for both push and pull tig welding. The AlphaTIG 200X includes all the features you would expect from an industrial commercial-grade tig tig welder for aluminum


The AlphaTIG 200x is capable of tig welding thicker materials since it features an arc force of up to 200 amps. The 200 amps of arc force provide more power to the tungsten for thicker materials.

Improved OLED display which is cleaner and brighter than previous models, makes viewing easier in direct sunlight conditions. It features an 18% duty cycle at 90 amps of amperage. This allows it to handle most stainless steel welding needs up to 3/8-inch and mild steel up to 1/4-inch. A warranty is included with the welder that provides a full year of protection for defects in material and workmanship. Additional details about the welder can be found at



  • Inductive startup – no high voltage shock
  • 6% duty cycle at 90 amps of amperage
  • A 300 amp arc force for more power and faster starts.
  • Industrial commercial-grade MOSFET inverter technology
  • Lift start – no need to pre-heat before welding
  • Built-in earth ground lift – 5kv spike protection built-in (6kv of added protection is available during welding)
  • Configurable tig time control settings with 5 preset levels
  • Integer-based software for smooth operation.
  • Two-year warranty with one year on parts and labor
  • Includes tig finger, tig cup with handle, earth ground clamp, 10-foot tig torch – water-cooled, consumables kit.


  • Simple to use
  • Reliable and consistent
  • Reasonable Price
  • 220V and 110V adapter
  • Heavy
  • Chinese inverter
  • Manual has limited content


8.  Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD


The Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD is an inverter direct current arc welding machine that has the ability to provide versatile welding for stainless steel, aluminum, and carbon steel. It is also capable of providing increased productivity with increased efficiency.Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD


This can be achieved by using what Weldpro calls “Pulse Frequency Modulation” technology which is a direct current pulse wave that is used for arc ignition and control.



  • Rated voltage: AC220V +/-10%, 50Hz, 60Hz (110/120/127/230/240V +/-10%, 60Hz
  • Rated power: 200A, 50Hz 150A, 60Hz
  • Input frequency: 47-63HZ (1500W)
  • Rated input current range: 30-200A dc + or – 10% @220Vac input voltage. 20%-100% duty cycle at full load. DC Pulse: 5-200A @220Vac
  • Pulse frequency: 30HZ, 60HZ, 120HZ, 180HZ and 200HZ
  • Balance control: Automatic balance system for pulse input.
  • Welding characteristics: MIG/MAG welding plasma arc “Pulse Frequency Modulation” technology. Pulse input allows for precise arc ignition and control.
  • Mounting options: Optional side & front of machine MIG gun holder.
  • Dimensions: Width: 390mm (15.4in). Depth: 340mm (13in). Height: 530mm (20.9in). Weight 0,850kgs/1,870lbs).


  • Ramps upslope and downslope
  • AC balance in a wide 30-70% range
  • No option for ‘lift TIG’ start


9.  Weldpro 200 Amp Inverter – Best for DIY Projects

WEIGHT 55.3 lbs DIMENSIONS 25.2 × 12.8 × 24.2 in WARRANTY 2 years SUPPLY VOLTAGE 110v/240v 60 Hz WIRE FEED SPEED 78-550 inches per minute DIMENSIONS (IN) 25.2×12.8×23.8 PRODUCT WEIGHT (IB) 30

Weldpro 200 Amp Inverter is a welding robot that can weld any size, thickness, or shape of metal. This welding machine is compact and portable for easy transport. The robotic arm will find the best welding path to create your desired picture with perfection. A great weld is easy with the tig welder for aluminum


It has eight different welding modes so you can complete any job quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality or materials. The automatic/manual mode lets you choose how much control do you want to have as you weld, making it versatile for beginners and experts alike. It’s even possible to use the welding machine as a spot welder. Just select the “arc” mode and you can easily weld surfaces without burning through them by carefully controlling the robot’s speed and angle.

You can even push some of Weld Pro’s buttons with your feet, which is great if you need to free up your hands for a brief moment. The foot pedal is easily accessible under the machine and has a lot of uses throughout the welding process. If you want your metal object to have smooth edges, you can select the “grind” mode from WeldPro’s control panel to make it happen. Or if you want to get creative with your welds, there are tons of options for different welding patterns and designs.


WeldPro is the only robotic welder that offers a full set of design tools for beginners and experts alike. You can choose from different wire feed speeds, arc voltage, and more to personalize your welding experience. It’s even possible to add text or logos when you use this machine!

Designed with a sleek and durable chassis, this welding robot is easy to move around. You can use it on the floor, tabletop, or even hanging from the ceiling! It’s also possible to select from four different postures so you’re always comfortable while welding. The machine comes with a stand that makes moving it easier, especially if you’re planning on welding for long periods of time.

WeldPro comes with a set of quality accessories that are designed to maximize your experience. You can use the plasma cutter accessory to cut objects, making it possible to create custom shapes and pieces on the fly. Best of all, once you’ve finished using WeldPro you can put it away in an optional storage cabinet.

The WeldPro is the world’s first weld robot that can be lifted with one hand – this makes transporting it safe and easy, no matter where you are! Bring the welding robot to the job site or make repairs around your home. It’s possible to use custom wheels on the machine for added mobility.



  • Save money on gas by not having to constantly run your generator.
  • Easily start up your power tools with the push of a button.
  • Get back to work quickly after an outage or storm.
  • No more interruptions in your workflow.
  • Be able to do what you love no matter the weather conditions outside.


  •  Small, light and perfect for DIY
  • Smooth arc characteristics
  • Comes with all accessories
  • Auto senses the input voltage
  • Not for heavy-duty work


10.  Hobart Handler 140 – Best for Home and Garden

Weldable Metals Aluminum Stainless Steel Input Voltage 110/115/120 V Input Phase 1-Phase Input Hz 60 Hz Current Type DC Rated Output 90 A @ 20% duty cycle Max Open Circuit Voltage 28 VDC Net Width 10.625 in Net Height 12.375 in Net Length 19.5 in Net Weight 57 lbs

Company’s Description: The Hobart Handler 140 is a wire feed welder that offers high performance with a duty cycle of 20% @ 100 amps. Welds are clean, with the lowest spatter of an arc welder in its tig welder for aluminum


What they don’t tell you: This is without a doubt the best tig welder for aluminum on the market today. The reviews speak for themselves. This machine has an unmatched duty cycle of 20% at 100 amps. The duty cycle is the percentage of time that your welding machine can be used before overheating. For instance, if you have a 40% duty cycle then you are only able to weld for 40 minutes out of every 60 minute period.


A duty cycle is very important if you’re a professional welder who is dedicated to making the best aluminum welds possible. This machine has an incredible duty cycle, which means that you can be used for hours on end without overheating and shutting down. In addition to this amazing feature, it also offers one of the lowest spatter rates on the market today. Spatter rate is how much excess material is thrown off the weld. If you have a low spatter rate then your finished product will be much cleaner and have fewer imperfections.



  • Self-resetting motor protection
  • Industrial cast aluminum wire drive system
  • Five-position voltage control
  • Quick Select drive roll
  • Weight 57 pounds
  • Convenient polarity changeover


  • Reliable and less in price
  •  Size and 110 plugs, make it so versatile
  • Solid and simplistic enough
  • Late delivery issues


11.  LOTOS MIG175 175AMP

Welding Types MIG (GMAW) Output AMPs Maximum 175 A Welding Capacity 18 Gauge – 1/4” Aluminum Welding 1/8″ 3/16″ Spool Gun Not Included Input Voltage 110 V

The lotus MIG175 is able to create 175 amps of power, which makes it very easy for you to weld aluminum. This welding machine has a spool gun that can handle wire the size of 12 gauge. It also has an air regulator designed for accurately controlling the flow of air. LOTOS MIG175 175AMP


This machine can use both-coil gas shielded wire and flux-cored wire, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of welding supplies!

The gas valve is designed to be very easy to use, and it’s compatible with both argon and CO2 gases.

The maximum voltage for this unit is 24 volts! This means you’ll be able to easily weld thin-gauge metals like sheet metal without any problems. The voltage control unit is also easy to read, so you’ll be able to know exactly what you’re working with.

The wire feed on this unit is designed to have smooth control, which makes it easy for you to weld both thin-gauge metals and thicker materials. The wire guide at the top of the gun has an adjustable tension that provides optimal feeding of welding wire! This unit has a sturdy design that makes it very easy to handle, and it also has an extra-long ground cable.



  • The durable high-quality aluminum wire feeder offers a much more stable and better welding experience.
  • High-speed MIG spool gun for aluminum welding, 10 feet 4 inches long, 4-prong end connection, 1lb aluminum wire with dia. 0. 9 millimeters included. Can welder 3/16″ or thinner aluminum plate.
  • Welding stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum (with a spool gun, already included in the package, no need to purchase separately), and other metal materials.


  • Great power and setting ability
  • Easy to use
  • U-welding and Lotus Technology
  • Works flawlessly
  • Included Low quality welding mask


12.  Lotos TIG200AC DC – Best for beginners and Home use

Welding Types TIG (GTAW) STICK(SMAW) Output AMPs 10-200 A Welding Capacity 3/8″ Aluminum Welding 3/8″ AC/DC Welding Output AC (Square Wave) & DC Input Voltage 110/220 V Dual Voltage Foot Pedal Included

The Lotos TIG200ACDC is a well-made welding machine. This product has so many features to offer, but an impressive one is energy efficiency.LOTOS TIG200ACDC 200A


This means you will have fewer power bills each month because it uses less electricity while being so powerful.

It also includes an operator’s manual which makes it very easy to use this welding machine. You can find this product for sale on Amazon for a reasonable price.



  • Input power source: 110V/220V – 50-60Hz, 4A. The input voltage range is between 0 and 30 volts.
  • Output amperage settings: 10 amps to 200 amps, in one amp increments. The TIG200ACDC also has a pulse setting that goes from 5% to 100% and a TIG timer setting that goes from 10 seconds to 999 seconds.
  • Welding current: 200 amps, +/- 2 amps at full load. This is for welding normalized steel plate thickness of 1/8 inch (up to 3/16) and stainless steel plate thickness of 1/4 inch (up to 1/2).
  • Input and output: 220V AC input and DC output, with a 2.7 mm diameter anode cup. The product also includes a 10 ft high-grade power cable and a 9 ft work cable.
  • It weighs 52 pounds and measures 12 by 7 by 13 inches (W x D x H). It is designed to work with a maximum of 20 A-rated welding power sources.


Other specifications:

  • This product uses Ceramic Core Inverter Technology which is supposed to be lighter, smaller and more efficient for a cleaner, stronger arc. Also includes a two-year warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Designed to use inverter technology – this is a new technology in the welding industry. Enables more controllability and greater energy efficiency, while still being so powerful.
  • It has an automatic arc start and a fully adjustable pulse frequency feature. This product also includes a TIG timer and a pedal control with 5 settings too, so you can set your arc length from 0 to 9 seconds. The pedal control is very useful when you are needing to work with high precision in your tasks.
  • This product also includes a heat-sensitive start circuit that senses the welding arc and immediately turns the machine on, preventing any power interruption for this device.
  • Included high-quality regulator
  • Minimal adjustments
  • Budget-friendly
  • Not good for longer use


13.  MTS-205 205 Amp MIG/TIG

Item Weight ‎27 pounds Product Dimensions ‎18 x 9 x 14 inches Material ‎Metal Pattern ‎USA Power Source ‎AC 100-250V/50-60Hz Amperage Capacity ‎200 Amps Performance Description ‎60% Rated Duty Cycle at 205 Amp

MIG welding is a process that uses an electric current to create heat in order to melt metal.MTS-205 205 Amp


Agitate: The problem with this process is that it can be difficult for beginners, and the equipment can be expensive.

Solution: This MTS-205 205 Amp MIG/TIG welder solves both of these problems by being easy enough for beginners, but also powerful enough for professionals. It’s perfect for all types of projects from home repairs to industrial applications. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty!



  • Adjustable up to 205 amps for versatility and compatibility with a range of metal types, from light steel to 1/4″ thick steel.
  • Can be used as a MIG welder for gasless wire welding or as the best TIG welder for aluminum and stainless steel. Also has switch-lock, gear track, and self-start capabilities for optimal usability.
  • Industrial duty drive roller ensures smooth wire feeding that won’t break or snap when welding, even when welding thinner metals.
  • Spool gun included to weld aluminum without an external shielding gas source.
  • Aluminum wire spool holder keeps your equipment organized.
  • Aluminum wire drive roller features a brush system to clean the gunk off the spool.
  • Digital display shows amps, voltages, and other settings for simple operation.
  • Reverse polarity protection locks out the machine when it’s connected improperly to avoid direct damage to components in the case of an incorrect hookup or botched connection.
  • Emergency stop button on the front of the welder allows you to quickly power down during use if necessary.
  • Includes gasless and flux-cored wire welding capabilities for versatility with a range of metals, from brass and nickel alloys to stainless steel and titanium.
  • The MTS-205 is also available as a MIG/TIG combo machine, which includes all of the features listed above plus a spool gun for gasless aluminum welding.
  • The best part about this product? It has a lifetime warranty on it! If anything malfunctions within 5 years of your purchase, you can send it back and receive free servicing or replacement equipment.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Provide great safety features
  • Multi-functions
  • Manual is a bit complicated


14.  Everlast PowerARC 140ST

Item Weight ‎24.8 pounds Product Dimensions ‎20 x 12.5 x 13.5 inches Shape ‎Rectangular Power Source ‎AC Voltage ‎240 Volts Installation Method ‎Tig-welding

Company’s Description: The arc welding power source is specifically designed for the needs of aluminum MIG and TIG welding with constant current technology, providing stable output across a wide range of input voltages (100-250V).best tig welder for aluminum


What they don’t tell you: This is another DC inverter tig welder, which means that it has the ability to weld on both aluminum and steel. With a duty cycle of 60% at 115 amps, this machine provides one of the best welding experiences you will find. It also offers a high-frequency start for added control over your arc and a spool gun capable of welding up to 3/8″ aluminum.

In addition, this machine is capable of running off any inverter from 100-250 volts, which means that you can weld with it no matter the voltage of your specific power source. The downsides to this machine are that it’s a bit on the heavy side (but not as heavy as most transformer machines) and it also doesn’t have a gas solenoid for automatically changing from argon to CO2. If you want to use a different gas then you will need to attach the torch yourself every time, but this isn’t too much of an inconvenience.



  • Weight: 8.4 lbs (3.8 Kg)
  • Overall length: 52″ (132 cm) collapsed, 77.2″ (196 cm) extended
  • Collapsed barrel length: 33.1″ (84 cm)
  • Extended barrel length: 51.5″ (131 cm)
  • Main grip dimensions: 9″ x 7.5″ (23 cm x 19 cm)


  • Lightweight and portable
  • 5 Years warranty
  • Stick and TIG support
  • Dual voltage input
  • No regulator for TIG included


15.  Lotos CT520D 50 AMP tig welder

Input Voltages 110/220V, 1-PH, 50/60Hz Power Efficiency 85% Dimensions with Handle 17” (432mm) L 8” (203mm) H 14” (356mm) W Weight 32lbs ( 14.5kg) Input Power Cable Length 6’ (1.8m)

An air plasma cutter is a device that serves as an alternative to an oxy-fuel cutting system. Air plasma cutters are mainly used for cutting metals and other similar materials. The device works by directing an ionized gas (usually argon) which is electrically heated, towards the material to be cut. When the energized gas comes in contact with the material being cut, it forms a hot jet of molten metal which erodes the material.

The Lotos CT520D is an air plasma cutter that has an output power of 50AMP. By the way, amps (A) stands for amperes, which is a measure of electric current in a circuit. The unit “amp” refers to the number of electrons passing through a point within any given period of time.

Lotos CT520D 50 AMP



  • 4 current ranges: 20 to 200 amps; 30 to 250 amps; 60 to 400 amps; and 120 to 600 amps
  • DC voltage range of the machine is from -14.5VDC to +500VDC (adjustable in steps of 10VDC)
  • AC voltage range of the machine is from -14.5VDC to +500VDC (adjustable in steps of 10VDC)
  • 3 polarity settings: DCEP, DPA and DCEN
  • Ready for 4G communications with a J1772 compatible controller or standard break outbox
  • The inverter power supply provides near-constant current for smoother starts and better welding control
  • Upgraded IGBT inverter design that requires less cooling, allowing the welder to operate 15% more efficiently than conventional models without compromising duty cycle or performance
  • LED feedback indicators displaying arc start conditions including voltage, polarity, material type and other important parameters
  • Pulsing setting to change the duty cycle of the current
  • Can perform both AC and DC welding simultaneously with arc start condition, allowing for a wide range of applications
  • The pulse function can be used as a timer or amperage meter by flashing back and forth between DCEP, DPA and DCEN.


  • Budget-friendly
  • HF arc starting for welding with precision
  • Allow welding for thin-gauge materials
  • NPT 1/4″ Type D Plug with Industrial Grade Air Filter Regulator
  • Short ground cable



16.  PrimeWeld 3-in-1 50 amp Tig Welder

IGBT Inverter Type: IGBT Voltage/phase: Dual Voltage 120/240 1 Phase TIG output type: DC only TIG Start Type: High-Frequency Only Pulse: No Plasma Cutter Arc Start Type: High-Frequency Pilot Arc: No Preflow Time: Fixed Post Flow Time: Fixed OverCurrent Protection: Yes

The PrimeWeld 3-in-1 50 amp Tig Welder is a complete welding package. The design makes it easy to use and comes with full instructions for various tasks. The welder has a digital display that clearly displays the settings for the project at hand. It also offers a range of configuration settings for both aluminum and steel tig welder for aluminum


This product is a great way to save money, as it includes everything one would need to get started with tig welding, along with advice on how to mix gas efficiently and operate the machine properly.

The PrimeWeld package comes with three tips of different sizes, so it can do both light and heavy-duty work. It also includes a pair of safety glasses to protect the eyes while working. The product is supplied with all necessary equipment for handling aluminum or steel welding projects, along with several other useful tools for carrying out this type of welding. The package includes a regulator and hose for gas flow.


The PrimeWeld 3-in-1 50 amp is the best Tig Welder for aluminum, which is built with a durable, lightweight aluminum case that makes it easy to take along on any job site. It weighs 44 lbs., making it both portable and easy to store when not in use. This product comes with a one-year warranty on all parts and labor, as well as free technical support for the purchaser.

The product has been outfitted with some very useful safety features, such as an overheating shutdown feature where the welder will shut off if it starts to overheat thanks to a sensor located within the unit. This model also comes with a safety switch that ensures the unit will not turn on if the safety glasses are not in place. This model plugs into a standard 110-volt wall outlet making it easy to use anywhere there is an electrical socket.

This product includes several useful features, including an aluminum inert gas valve for high-quality aluminum welding results. It also has a control knob for adjusting the flow of gas, whether it is for steel or aluminum welding. The product also includes a cable that can be hooked into an external monitor to display the settings for tig welding, which makes it easier to set up and monitor projects. There is also a digital pressure gauge that displays how much regulator pressure there is during aluminum welding jobs.



  • Dual powered 120/240-volt input
  • IGBT Inverter powered
  • DC Stick Welder (MMA)
  • DC TIG Welder (GTAW-PD)
  • 50-amp Plasma Cutter
  • Start welding out of the box


  • Easily switch from Stick to TIG welding
  • Light weight and compact
  • 3 years warranty
  • Including 3-in-1 combo machine
  • No pilot arc availability
  • Complex for beginners to set up



Product weight 13.2lb Product Dimensions 15.7× 11.8 × 6.3 in Supply Voltage 110v/220v 50/60 Hz OUTPUT CURRENT @110V INPUT 11-164A (TIG) 11-133A (MMA)

The Yeswelder Tig-205ds Hf Tig Welder has a duty cycle of 150-300 amps and a duty cycle of 240 volts. The Yeswelder Tig-205ds Hf Tig Welder is a self-shielded, non-consumable electrode. best boxing gloves for aluminum


The Tig welder is a great choice for light fabrication and auto body applications. The Yeswelder Tig-205ds Hf Tig Welder has adjustable speed control and comes with a foot pedal, conduit hose, and argon regulator hose.


 Package includes: 

  • TIG Torch
  • TIG Torch Cable Assembly
  • Power Cable – 10 ft. for Tig-205ds & Tig Welder Package
  • Gas Welding Hose – 8mm x 30″ Argon Regulator Hose
  • Metal Handle Clamp – Gas Welding Trolley Clamp With Stainless Steel Mesh Wire Protective Cover.
  • TWSYSP-205DS Tig Welder Package


  • Super easy to use
  • HF start
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Only allow for DC TIG welding


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What kind of best TIG welder for aluminum do I need?

A TIG welder works by using a pure tungsten electrode. The way the arc is created is by the application of a voltage and current to the electrode. This welding process will make it possible to weld any metal that has a melting point below 3500° Fahrenheit.

Q2. What is the best current for TIG welding aluminum?

TIG welding aluminum is done most often with a nickel-coated tungsten electrode. This makes it welds easy to see, and minimizes the chance of arc strikes by chemically reacting with the metal at high temperature. A gas shield can be used to isolate the molten metal from moisture in the air.

Q3. What size tungsten do I need to weld aluminum?

1/16 inch to 1/8 inch

Q4. Why do you weld aluminum with AC?

You weld aluminum with AC because it’s a form of resistance welding that fries the metal, filling gaps and permanently fusing two pieces together. In the case of welding steel to steel, there would be far too much heat penetration from GTAW/GMAW processes for this method.

Q5. What polarity do you weld aluminum?

Almost all aluminum welding is done with a constant electric current. Aluminum can be a difficult material to work with, and using AC does not help the situation. So AC tin-coated electrodes are used for aluminum on general principle because it will result in better arc starts and less spatter than DC, which is typically used for thicker metals like steel.

Q6. What is pulse frequency in TIG welding?

The pulse frequency is the number of times that the electric current is sent to the arc per minute.

Q7. Do I need gas to weld aluminum?


The most common gas used in metal welding is acetylene which comes from a canister.

Welding torches heat the tubes of gas until the molecules break down and they give off a flame or hot blue-white light.

Q8. How thin of metal can you TIG weld?

If you want to weld metal that is thinner than 1mm, it can be difficult to TIG weld. However, if the thickness of the metal is not an issue, many different types of metals can be welded by TIG welding.



We’ve been fortunate to have a diverse set of manufacturing partners that provide the best TIG welder for aluminum on the market. Our goal is to help you find your perfect tool for welding and fabrication with our selection, so we want to know what kind of welding experience you have before giving advice.

We hope this guide has helped answer any questions about how these tools work and which one would be right for you! What do you think? Let us know in the comments below or send us feedback using our contact form if there are topics we missed or need clarification on.


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